This isn't Ibiza,
it's Seetua

The first app that allows groups to swipe and match based on what they want to do in the next few hours.

Some post situations, others spot them.
Easy right?
Exclusively for Bocconi students
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How does it work?

Finding and organising a moment together has never been easier

Add your friends

Create a 48h group or seetua with your friends to get yourself in the game

Spot or get spotted

Start liking other groups if you’re looking for something to do and spot the seetuas in your area, otherwise send likes to whom you want to join you.


Once you’ve matched a group, a chat with all the members will be created, in order to allow the organization of the event. Now, you just have to have fun!

Why Seetua?

Our mission is to bring together groups that wanna do the same activity, at the same time

To make it possibile, we established three simple rules

  • Group

    In order to start matching you must already be a part of a group. Team work.

  • Last minute

    The best moments are the improvised ones. With seetua you can only see what’s gonna happen in the next 48h.

  • University

    The app’s users are university students only. You’ll always find new people looking for something different to do.

Seetua can get to you too

Just tell us in which university you’d like to use it and you may be next